Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fall River Bloggers Ignore Chris Herren Story

Why have popular bloggers in the SouthCoast decided against blogging about the blockbuster story first broken by the New Bedford Standard Times.

The story of Chris Herren is a sad one.
But one of his own making. Fall River's old school machine made him a hero and allowed him to run rampant in the city. Both he and his brother Mike were given extrodinary priveledges -- and they continue to benefit from the glory days of their youth.

Chris has been arrested five times since 2004, when he first made headlines for ODing in the drive-thru line of a Rhode Island Dunkin' Donuts. Mike Herren has been arrested numerous times for charges ranging from drug possession to assault, most recently last year when he was found hiding in a bathroom filled with cocaine during a drug and prostitution raid at a Somerset hotel. But still Chris is held up as Fall River's hero and Mike has been given his own radio show.

Both of these individuals have been held up as role models. Both have failed in the roll miserably. But from all accounts, they continue to use and abuse the community, bullying and thugging their way through life.

Why is this allowed to continue? And why is there a SouthCoast internet blackout of the issue?


Brand X said...

It amazes me as well. Hearing how much trouble these two have caused;first hand accounts of being sucker punched and the betting rackets; the drugs and prostitutes. I just can't believe that none of this has made it into the papers that are edited by the lady who used to be married to their father on a larger scale.
Or how about the fact that 'Hurricane' Herren is on the air at a radio station run by the brothers of both his and Chris' high school basketball coach? What a joke!
Am I hearing right? Is WSAR advertising a ribbon cutting ceremony with Mike Herren as it's host at a local Maple Baseball Bat factory?
Two observations:
1) I thought that professional baseball was trying to DISTANCE itself from all of the drugs and criminal activity that it's been subject to lately?
2) Isn't the MLB trying to get RID of both Maple and Ash baseball bats, due to them splintering and breaking, only to fly into the stands and hurt fans? I thin I read something about a week ago where a lady got her jaw broken at a game by a shattering Maple Bat.
Is that the kind of job growth that we're looking to get in Fall River?
The type that's going to dry up and go away as soon as it gets here?

In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson: 'Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!'

Anonymous said...

could you please let me know where there is proof tht mike was arrested in the somerset raid

Finally The Truth said...

Yes, the proof is in the police blotters. Spend some time looking at them, or googling the article from the Providence Journal and you will find the evidence you seek.

Either that, or just ask a Somerset cop or Gene Emery.

goodbadugly said...

What's the 5 arrests for? We've seen two in the news (both the O.D.s) - what are the other arrests for? Also, does Chris have a job in the community?
Mike got a job - very possibly a favor - from someone he knows. There's lots of people who get jobs under the same circumstances.

As for role models - maybe many years ago - but certainly nobody would consider a radio show host a role model and Chris hasn't been considered a role model since his Fresno days.
Also, I don't think that these guys are using and abusing the community. If the arrest records are as you say - I think that indicates that the police aren't giving them special treatment at all. Unless you are implying there's a lot more going on than has been reported in the news. Who are they bullying and thugging? That's an interesting assertion. Can you back it up?