Monday, June 16, 2008

Evidence of the Long-Standing Crappy Tradition of Mediocre News That is Channel 10 in Providence

The Providence news has sucked for as long as we can remember. We can barely bring ourselves to watch the nightly broadcasts, especially Channel 10, but find it necessary considering they are the only television stations actually covering the SouthCoast area.

Now evidence, not only of the crappiness of the Providence news, but also the longevity of it's crappiness. We came across this vintage clip on YouTube, and simply had to share.

Novice Local Blogger Issues "Rules of Local Blogging"

Some have asked why we have decided to create this blog. The reason is simple. While some local people have attempted to blog on the issues of the day, many miss some of the most important stories, completely ignore stories that make them uncomfortable and others fail to update their blogs for weeks on end.

Seeing this rather large void, we have decided to move forward, in an effort to give the big stories of the day a chance to be covered, discussed and fully vetted.

Apparently one SouthCoast blogger fancies himself "The Godfather" of the blogosphere in these parts and feels it's his place to now impose "rules" over how blogging ought to be handled -- all with a catch-all, I'm-trying-to-ridicule-your-effort-because-I'm-afraid-your-success-may-drive-my-
readership-down-soI'll pretend-I'm-just-offering-you-some-friendly-advice-type-tone.

Lefty, we love your blog.
Really, we do. But honestly, you're not active enough to assume the position of "King-Of-All-SouthCoast-Bloggers". So while we appreciate the advice, your assumption that we will simply fade away is unfounded. Get ready for a little friendly competition.

Correia and Council Meet to Express Feigned Surprise Over Audit Results

So apparently HIS MAJESTY Bob Correia has summoned his court to meet and twitter over the findings of the new and mysterious state audit of city finances.

For months, formal Mayoral Candidate Eric Poulin talked about this issue. He held press conferences and posted white papers on the reform of the city's financial systems that went unattended and unread.

Kerri Rodrigues covered this issue two years ago on her show. Anyone remember the programs with Mary Sahady and Jim Smith? Or was I the only one paying attention as she demanded answers for the repeat appearance of many of the same things that are now "shocking" and "astounding" to members of the Fall River City Council. Many of whom received the same audit and did absolutely nothing about it.

So now the dog and pony show. The feigned outrage. The calls for change.

At least now HIS MAJESTY now has his fool-proof excuse for anything that goes wrong in the first two years.

We're happy to give you the Reader's Digest version of this 46-page document:

City Hall is full of hacks dating back to the Viveiros administration in 1978. They are collectively a bunch of overpaid morons who fail to understand new-fangled things like "computers" and "teh internets". The city has 9,000 bank accounts, doesn't collect half the taxes they are owed and can't do simple math.

Let the games begin!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did Fall River Elections Chair Adam Chapdelaine Violate State Law?

Rumors about regarding the new boy-wonder in the Fall River Election's Office, and whether or not he participated in an email campaign encouraging people NOT to sign the Fall River Firefighter's Petition. If you have any information, or can provide a copy of the email, please send it to Your identity will of course be protected.

That being said, Fall River-tastic brings up an interesting point regarding Chapdelaine's recent comments in the Herald News relating to inquires into Mike Lund's residency. He's quoted in the Herald as saying he believed the men who came to his office "were firefighters" ...

He's in clear violation of Mass General Law, Chapter 66, Section 10. If you are a firefighter in the city of Fall River -- or anywhere for that matter, my advice would be to file a formal complaint with the Secretary of State's office. It's about time the thugs in this city who feel it's their place to keep slapping around the citizens were finally slapped back.

Bob's Got Us Again! Another Controversy Dismissed Out-Of-Hand Due to Public's "Lack of Understanding" ...

An interesting new trend is developing in the era of Bob Correia.

Those who disagree with him, on virtually any issue, are simply uniformed.

Or misinformed. Or perhaps the victims of "public hype" ...

Or simply aren't smart enough to cower to his ultimate authority.

The latest issue: Dumping toxic waste in the city's landfill.

Sewage waste like sludge and fly ash have been banned from the Fall River landfill since 2004.

Now the city's mayor Robert Correia wants to change that.

He says dumping the sludge in Fall River rather than shipping it over 100 miles to a landfill in New Hampshire will save the city $750,000 a year.

City Councilor Raymond Hague disagrees.

He says the waste is toxic and that it is too close to a major water supply.

But the mayor says the money has to come from somewhere, and if his proposal fails there will most likely be an increase in water and sewer rates.

I encourage you to watch the video. Once again, Correia accuses the public of ignorance of the issue. Were we all ignorant several years ago during the vigorous debate of this issue?

It's the same thing with the firefighter's issue, the re-naming of the schools, the budget process, the cutting of vital public service positions -- any number of things really. Those who don't fall in line are simply stupid. Correia is NOT to be questioned.

The only ignorant person in connection to this story would be Linda Pereira. Four years ago she came to the council waving video tapes showing the potential leaking of materials in the the North Wattuppa ... just an eighth of a mile away. Her silence on this issue has been deafening.

Political Insiders Kyle and Ana Riley Ride Political Influence Train to the Top

In this unfortunately less-than-widely read article -- the Standard Times introduces Ana Riley as the next Assistant Superintendent of the Dartmouth school district.

Mrs. Kyle Riley -- wife of the former Fall River political insider and City Councilor Kyle Riley has enjoyed the benefits of her husband's hackdom. Many were shocked when she was catapulted into the position of Principal of the Fowler School back in 2004 -- after several other candidates were overlooked.

Now, after only two years as the principal of the Talbot Middle School -- she is now moving on to Dartmouth as the Assistant Superintendent.

Congratulations to the Riley family. Political influence has benefited you and provided you with an extraordinary cash windfall.

Another Stunningly Obvious Column by "SouthCoast Media Personality" Mike Moran

Every Thursday I'm treated to a reminder as to why Mike Moran is no longer a talk show host.

Many complained after his firing -- citing his easy-going "even-handed" style. But since he joined the Fall River Herald News, I'm beginning to understand more and more just why Mike Moran is no longer on WSAR and am beginning to question how he earned the title "well-known SouthCoast media personality" that sits next to his name every week.

Mike has never broken a story or covered an event or tender moment in a single one of his efforts. Mike never takes a controversial stand. Hell, Mike barely gives his opinion period, and when he does, it's in a very half-hearted "let-me-find-a-way-to-hedge-this" style.

This week is no exception. At least in today's paper there was a story regarding the commuter rail for his column to accompany. But it still seems as if Mike could have written this piece two months ago and is just getting around to printing it.

Three months in is a little early to start phoning it in ... don't you think?